How may I help you?

Whether buying or selling art, supervising your collection or valuation, there are often several solutions which may be more favourable than you’d expect – and worth more than my fee. I can support you in the following areas:


Are you in doubt whether the value of a piece you have inherited is real or rather non-material? Have you acquired your work(s) of art some time ago and do you want to know its/their current value? In my function as generally sworn and court-certified expert I evaluate your collection of art for insurance purposes, division of estate, etc.


Selling works of art can be a difficult venture: deciding where, when and to whom to sell should be thoroughly considered. A piece may be squandered all too quickly, or unnecessary costs may arise. In many cases, there is more than one option. I can offer you a well-informed, neutral basis for your decision that will save you unnecessary errors and detours. 


You have seen a work of art that you consider purchasing. Four eyes see more than two. I can advise you on your purchase or view the object for you on site. Works of art are unique. To find them may take time. I will be glad to enter your request in my search file or purchase individual objects.


Collecting is a pleasure, and so is knowledge. Especially if you know that your own objects have been well documented. If you possess an artist’s estate that should be recorded, I am at your service.


Transport, insurance, restoration, how to find a frame that matches your painting, or the right expert for an object … One just can’t know everything. I cooperate with an international network of experts who are knowledgeable in their specific fields. 


I will be glad to discuss your request via e-mail, phone or personally. My fee depends on the time and expenditure required. For sevices like art consulting, valuation, expert opinion at an auction preview...etc. I am charging at an hourly rate that does not depend on the value of the artwork. I will always let you know in advance the approximate time and costs needed.

Please note

In many cases, a high-quality photo will suffice to discuss matters via e-mail. However, if an expert assessment is required, e. g. for insurances, objects must be viewed in the original. As a matter of course, I will handle your information confidentially.   

I am looking forward to hearing from you.